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Why is Pet Boarding so Important?

Why is Pet Boarding so Important? 

The moment you first bring your furry family member home, you create an unbreakable bond. We know it can be hard to imagine life without your pet, but when it’s time to take a trip out of town, you may have to leave them behind. Whether you plan to be gone for a few days or a few months, it’s important to leave your pet in the hands of someone who cares.

When bringing your dog or cat along on a trip isn’t an option, two common solutions for pet owners are a pet sitter or a pet boarding service. While both are great options, it may be harder to find someone reliable to watch your furry friend if you plan to be gone for several days or longer. However, when you leave your dog or cat in the hands of the right pet boarding facility, you can have peace of mind knowing they will be cared for, loved and treated just like are at home.

The Importance of Pet BoardingWhat is Pet Boarding?

Pet boarding facilities are temporary pet hotels for your pet while you’re away. Just like childcare, dog boarding and daycare facilities allow you to drop off and pick up your pooch within a specific period of time, under the care of supervised and trained professionals. The facility’s staff will act as pet parents while you’re away to ensure your pet receives the exercise, socialization, love and care you typically give.

The Importance of Pet Boarding

From playing all day and round-the-clock care to having a safe and comfortable place to sleep, there are plenty of benefits to pet boarding that pet parents should consider when deciding who should watch their furry friends.

Boarding helps alleviate separation anxiety.

Your pet gets just as upset as you, if not more, when you leave them. Boarding facility staff members are experienced in handling this issue and will provide the attention and distractions necessary to lessen the anxiety your pet may feel.

Plus, most boarding facilities offer dog daycare for pets who need extra love during the day while you’re at work.

Boarding is an opportunity for socialization.

If you have a younger pup, it’s important to socialize them with other animals and people. Pet boarding and daycare is a great way for your puppy to learn how to adjust to new circumstances and prevent behavioral problems later in life. (Check out Priority Boarding’s Puppy Playdate packages designed for this specific reason!)

Boarding helps release energy.

If you have a high-energy dog, a pet sitter may not be able to keep up with the demands of your pup — especially if you live in an apartment or a smaller home with limited space. When pets don’t get enough exercise, they tend to lash out. Boarding facilities are strategically staffed to ensure high-energy pets enjoy a long day of fun and go to sleep tired and happy. Plus, most facilities have large outdoor play spaces for larger dogs that need more room.

Boarding is ideal for unexpected travelBoarding is ideal for unexpected travel.

Life can be unpredictable. When last minute travel plans arise, securing a sitter can be next to impossible. However, your local boarding facility will most likely be able to squeeze you in. Instead of worrying about unexpected travel and the well-being of your pet, booking a stay at a boarding facility can ease your mind and allow you to solely focus on getting to your destination.

Boarding allows for a regular schedule.

No two dogs have the same schedule. Boarding facilities are often able to adhere to your pet’s specific schedule to ensure their standard routines are not broken. This prevents upset stomachs, lashing out, anxiety and more. Plus, some facilities will even allow you to bring your pet’s favorite food and toys along with them.

Boarding is safe.

Boarding facilities are specially designed with safety in mind and are equipped with unique safety controls, processes and procedures to prevent your fur baby from getting hurt. Some facilities even have a veterinarian on-call or in the building to assist with medical emergencies.

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