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Why is Pet Boarding Important? 8 Benefits of Finding the Paw-fect Boarding Facility.

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When you plan a vacation, what’s the first thing you do? Reserve your travel arrangements? Book a hotel?

What about your furry friend? How do you make sure your pet is safe and cared for while you’re away?

Pet boarding is a purr-fect option for pet parents who don’t want to disrupt their pet’s schedule, while keeping them safe and entertained!

A boarding facility is like a hotel for your fur baby where they will feed, play with and monitor your pet while you’re out of town. Now, the same rules of hotels and motels for humans apply to pet boarding facilities —you have to do a bit of digging to find that diamond in the ruff!

It can be overwhelming, and even sometimes nerve-wracking, for pet owners to find the right, trustworthy people to care for the fluffy, four-legged member of your family. But once you have found the best boarding partner that gives you peace of mind, you and your pet can enjoy many benefits such as:

  1. Less Separation Anxiety: Leaving your pet for any amount of time can be stressful, not only for you but especially for your fur baby! If you prefer to leave your pet at home while you travel and have someone check on them periodically during the day, this can increase the chance for increased anxiety and negative behaviors when they are left unattended. At Priority Boarding, we are available day and night for your furry friend. Every pet that enters our doors is treated like a part of the family. We will do anything and everything we can to make sure your pet feels safe and comfortable. If your four-legged friend has a bedtime routine, we’ll break out the snuggly blankets and a copy of Goodnight Moon! And with our close proximity to the airport and 24/7 access available, you can pick up and drop off your pet within minutes of take-off and landing — maximizing your time with your furry friend while also saving you money!
  1. Decreased Destructive Behaviors: Pets, dogs especially, with separation anxiety risk being destructive. Pups suffering from separation anxiety occasionally try to escape the comfort of their homes to find their owners! While this sounds sweet, it can result in the destruction of your home and injury to the pup. Keep your home and belongings safe by bringing your dog to our facility! Our services allow your pet to spend the day playing and socializing, all while staying on a schedule similar to the one you keep at home!
  1. More Socialization: Just like people, pets have social lives! Boarding services such as dog daycare help your furry friend make other furry friends. These relationships are important to the socialization and mental health of your dog. At Priority Boarding, we offer size-specific play groups so pups can enjoy a safe and fun environment. Would your pet rather stay alone? We will be sure to keep them active while avoiding the doggy crowds.
  1. Clean, Refreshed Pet: Most boarding facilities offer grooming services as a nice bonus for your pet (and you too!). At Priority Boarding, we work hard to make sure your pet’s stay feels like a vacation – and every great vacay needs a spa day. From baths to pad trims, we offer spa services that not only keep your furry friend comfortable and squeaky clean, but also help them stay safe and healthy.
  1. Access to Proper Nutrition and Exercise: Pets are family, which means their health is extremely important. Boarding your dog or cat allows them to have access to regular meals, treats and regular exercise. At Priority Boarding, we want your pet to feel like they are at home. Your four-legged friend will spend their vacation getting indoor and outdoor play time and building strong relationships with our caring staff — enjoying the routine, love and affection like they would at home.
  1. Expert Care Available: Leaving your pet with a trusted family friend is a great idea! But when emergencies arise, it’s better to cover your bases and leave your fur baby in the capable hands of an expert. Our facility is veterinarian owned and our staff is veterinarian-trained, so you can take comfort in knowing that if an emergency arises, Dr. Buzzetti is available to provide his expertise.
  1. Flexible Schedule: Delayed flight? Change to your travel itinerary? It’s important to look for a boarding facility that will work with you and your shifting schedule. At Priority Boarding, we offer 24/7 access by appointment, so if you need to catch a red-eye flight, we’ve got you covered! We are also conveniently located next to the airport so you can drop off your fur baby and catch your flight within minutes.
  1. Relief for Busy Pet Owners: If you lead a busy life, you’ve probably heard the occasional criticism of not being around enough for your pet. We don’t judge! We know life gets busy! Whether you’re traveling for work, enjoying a weekend getaway or just need some time alone, you can set your mind at ease knowing your pet is receiving plenty of care and cuddles from the expert staff at Priority Boarding.

Are you ready to reap the benefits of boarding? Is your pet ready to experience a new standard of pet boarding?

At Priority Boarding, we make sure you and your furry family member experience a new standard of pet care. Register your pet today and have peace of mind that they are being taken care of and enjoying their own vacation with pet lovers and boarding experts.