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Things To Look for In a Good Pet Boarding Kennel

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Choosing the right location to board your furry friend can often feel like the most stressful part of what should be a relaxing vacation. Many questions can arise as you start planning.

Should I just hire a pet sitter?

… or would my pet be comfortable staying at a boarding facility?

How can I make sure I have peace of mind knowing my pet will be cared for while on vacation?

Not all boarding locations are the same, but there are certain services and features that should be considered as you search for the purrrfect boarding facility. With years of experience in the pet care industry, we have compiled a list of important things you should look for while finding the best pet boarding facility for your four-legged friend.

  1. Veterinarian-owned. Veterinarian-owned boarding facilities are run by experienced animal care professionals who know how to provide the very best care to pets of all shapes and sizes. By having direct access to professional care in case an issue arises, you can feel better knowing your pet will be protected. Emergencies aside, it’s nice to know that the people caring for your beloved pet have the knowledge necessary to keep them happy and healthy while you’re gone!
  1. 24/7 access. Having direct access to your furry friend is a CRUCIAL part of the pet boarding process, so consider pickup procedures when looking for the perfect boarding location. Whether you have small children who are anxious when away from their furry friend or you don’t want to wait an extra day to pick up your pooch, our unique 24/7 access allows you to pick up your pet the minute your plane lands — no matter the time of day — so you can reunite your family faster and conveniently. This also lowers costs as traditional pet boarding facilities may require an extra day if you’re unable to pickup or drop off during business hours.
  1. Central location. Traveling can be stressful and time consuming. As you plan for a big trip, the last thing you want to do is travel out of your way to drop your pet off at a boarding facility. Make sure you research highly rated facilities that are convenient for you. We chose our facility’s location with convenience in mind; located minutes away from Indianapolis International Airport, we make picking up or dropping off your four-legged friend a hassle-free part of your vacation plans.
  1. Sanitation. Sanitary conditions are a big part of choosing where to board your pet. When you go on vacation, you expect your hotel to be clean. The same expectations should hold true for your fur baby. At Priority Boarding and Daycare, we utilize Sani-Clean’s sanitizing system to keep our kennels clean, installed Permatek flooring to decrease the moisture and humidity that causes odors and surface bacteria and installed glass doors in all our pet condos so your pet feels free without exposing them to potential illness. Our rigorous sanitization requirements dramatically reduce the most common kennel-related infections like parvo and kennel cough.
  1. Low-stress environment. The length of your vacation often determines how and where you choose to board your pet. Any time spent apart from your furry friend can be stressful for you and them. Our state-of-the-art facility offers fresh, open air, sunshine in every room and radiant heated surfaces proven to reduce stress. In addition to the coziness, our staff is prepared to take on your pet’s nighttime routine to make them feel more at home. If that means late-night tuck-ins and treats, or even a bedtime story, we’re happy to abide by their usual routine!
  1. Caring and knowledgeable staff. As pet owners and lovers, we know that putting your pup to bed doesn’t always mean they’ll sleep. Our facility is occupied by staff 24 hours a day so your four-legged friend always has someone watching over them. When looking for a quality kennel, you want to make sure the staff is knowledgeable, compassionate and willing to bend over backward for your pet! At Priority Boarding and Daycare, we always do our best to ensure you and your pet feel comfortable while on vacation.
  1. Activity time for your pet. When deciding on a boarding location, you don’t want to send your pet to a lonely kennel for days on end. You should send them somewhere fun and pawsitive! At Priority Boarding, we make sure your pet’s stay is more of a vacation than anything else. When you board with us, you can rest easy knowing your furry friend’s playtime is taken just as seriously as their routine. Our facility offers indoor and outdoor playtime, frequent walks and size-specific playtime. During the summer, your pup will have a blast running through the misting stations, and in the winter, they’ll enjoy the indoor play area. Needless to say, we have covered every base of the pet vacation experience.

We know choosing a boarding location that fits you and your pet can be a difficult and sometimes stressful decision. But think of it this way, not all boarding locations are built the same! Your pet is OUR priority!

Whether your traveling for business or leisure, you should leave your pets in the hands of someone you trust. At Priority Boarding and Daycare, your pet is our priority. We focus on providing animals with the same love and care they receive at home so Hoosier pet owners can have peace of mind knowing their four-legged friend will be safe while they travel. If you’re ready to book a luxurious, 5-star stay for your pet, send them our way!