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Why Priority Boarding?

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24/7 Access 

Have an early morning flight but can’t bear to send your furry best friend off the night before you leave? Experiencing a flight delay that’s putting you behind schedule? Do you have a child who struggles being away from their furry best friend?   

With Priority Boarding, you don’t have to drop your pet off the night before or wait to pick up the next day after returning home. Our 24/7 access allows you to check in your pet at your convenience prior to your morning departure and pick them up minutes after landing — even after a delay!  Priority Boarding & Daycare features covered, short-term parking that makes checking in and picking up your pet a safe and dry experience.

Veterinarian Owned

As a veterinarian-owned business, we know a thing or two about animals. For years, our co-founder treated animals with issues due to boarding experiences, and knew it was time for a change. With decades of caring for pets, and a dedication to providing the best experience, we’ve invested and made it a priority to train our staff on all pet needs, build a facility with the highest quality materials and offer personalized services to provide the safest and best option for Hoosier pet owners.

Stress-Free Environment

Time away from your furry friend can be stressful for both you and them. Our goal is to provide your pet with the same love and care they receive at home so they can be at ease while you’re gone — not a single detail has been overlooked when it comes to both the physical and emotional health of your pet!

Our state-of-the-art facility offers access to fresh, open air for a healthy stay, sunshine in every room and radiant heated surfaces for a cozy, warm blanket feel that is proven to reduce stress. We also provide late night tuck-ins and treats, if desired, to follow your similar, at-home routines.

Best of all, Priority Boarding is staffed all night long. From late night potty breaks to reassuring love, your pet will have a companion there for them when they need something — just like at home.

Sani-Clean Technology

When you board with Priority Boarding, you won’t have to worry about the conditions of our facility. Our state-of-the-art Sani-Clean sanitizing system and Permatek flooring decreases moisture and humidity, minimizes odor and dramatically reduces the viruses and surface bacteria that cause the most common kennel-related infections, like parvo and kennel cough.

All of our pet condos have glass doors which gives your pet a feeling of freedom and lessens the potential of exposure to illness.

Save Time & Money

With 24/7 access, time is on your side. You can drop your pet off the day you leave and pick them up as soon as you touch down, and we can even work around holidays and weekends to ensure you’re not paying extra for unnecessary, unwanted days. Plus, we have covered, short-term parking that makes checking in and picking up your pet a safe, dry experience. We have thought through every detail to make the experience as seamless and convenient as possible for you and your furry friend!