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7 Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe and Calm on July 4th


While the 4th of July means fun and excitement for friends and family, your beloved four-legged friend might not feel the same way. Firework displays and excessive noise cause most animals to become frantic and seek shelter, which means disaster for pet owners who leave their dogs or other animals alone during celebrations. Any animals left outside without a properly enclosed fence could run away when spooked, and indoor animals can cause serious damage to your home as soon as they feel overstimulated. In fact, animal control officials across the United States report a 30% increase in lost pets every year between July 4 and July 6, with July 5 being one of the busiest days for shelters.

Although you cannot control large firework shows or your neighbors’ parties, you can still keep your pets safe and calm during the 4th of July. As a veterinarian-owned business with extensive experience handling stressed animals, our Priority Boarding & Daycare team knows a thing or two about helping them cope with fear. By following our tips, you can create the soothing environment your pet needs to make it through the holiday celebrations.

1. Exercise your pet before parties and fireworks start. Wearing out your pet through playtime or a long walk will tire them out and keep them calm later in the evening. Tired animals sleep more deeply, making them less likely to be disturbed by excessive noise outside.

2. Stay home with your pet. Your pet relies on you for comfort when they’re stressed, so it’s important to be there for them when they need you. If you don’t want to miss out on celebrations elsewhere, try to find a pet sitter or another family member to stay home with them.

3. Lessen the likelihood of overstimulation. Turning on the TV and closing blinds will drastically reduce the number of stimulants that cause panic in animals. When your pet can’t see the fireworks or hear them as clearly, they’re less likely to react.

4. Provide your pet with distractions. Playing, giving out treats and sneaking in extra snuggles are great ways to occupy an animal so they don’t focus on what’s happening outside. Keeping them entertained is the best way to avoid panic.

5. Let your pet hide. If your dog, cat or other type of furry friend feels comfortable crawling into a safe space like a crate or under a bed, let them. Don’t attempt to pull them out or force them to another location. Let them be comfortable and reassure them that they’re okay.

6. Take advantage of modern medicine. If you know your dog does not react well to fireworks, ask your vet to prescribe medication perfect for the occasion or try other drugs like Benadryl to calm them. Make sure to check with your vet before dosing your own medicine.

7. Be prepared for any situation. If your pet is not already microchipped, we recommend doing so right away. Also make sure your four-legged friend is wearing ID tags with their name, your name and your contact information just in case an escape happens. By being prepared, you can be sure you’ll get your best friend back in no time.


With the right preparation, you can make the 4th of July a smooth, safe and low-stress day for your beloved animal friend. At Priority Boarding & Daycare, we made it a priority to design a low-stress, safe environment for every animal that comes through our doors — especially for moments like this.

Priority Boarding & Daycare focuses on providing animals with the same love and care they receive at home, our customers can have peace of mind knowing their four-legged friend will be calm and safe during the holiday weekend. If you have big travel plans for July 4th and cannot bring your pet along, book them a luxurious, 5-star stay with us! We’ll give them plenty of hugs, kisses and treats during the holiday weekend and any other time of year they stay with us!