Located near Indianapolis International Airport

Traveling is expensive....
Especially when you own a pet.

Tickets, luggage, parking and boarding costs add up quickly.

At Priority Boarding and Daycare, we’ve made it our mission to be a convenient, efficient boarding facility for Hoosier pet owners who want to leave their four-legged friend in the best pawsible care — without sacrificing time and money.

We want to help you lighten the load of travel a little bit more, even after you’ve left for the terminal.

Bundle Your Parking & Pet Boarding to Save!

FastPark is a stress-free, affordable, 24/7 parking lot across from the Indianapolis International Airport with a free shuttle service and EV charging stations. And it’s just down the road from us!

When you book your pet a luxurious stay with us, we’ll pay half of your FastPark bill — lowering your daily parking rate to just $4!


A quick and easy experience should go beyond our building. Park at FastPark, then board your pet at Priority Boarding to make your travel days even smoother and more affordable.

Shar Pei Dog | Priority Boarding