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Planning a holiday trip? Here’s how to prepare your dog for boarding.

Planning a holiday trip? Here's how to prepare your dog for boarding.

The holiday season is a great opportunity to spend much needed time with friends and family, but your plans may not always be in the best interest of your pet. No matter how you plan to travel, it can be difficult to leave your four-legged friend behind — especially if they have separation anxiety.

If you cannot secure a pet sitter or don’t feel comfortable having a stranger in your home, long-term dog boarding is a great way to ensure your pet is thoughtfully cared for while you’re away. As first timers, the boarding experience can be stressful for both you and your pet. However, knowing how to prepare your dog for boarding will ensure a smooth, stress-free vacation and give you peace of mind while you travel.

Give a few pet boarding facilities a trial run.

If your dog tends to feel anxious or struggles with separation anxiety, you should plan trial boarding stays weeks prior to your departure. A trial stay of at least 24 hours will ease your dog into the idea of boarding and increase the likelihood of a successful stay in the future. If any facilities offer daycare services, let your pet try daycare for a day and see how they do.

Bring a piece of home with them.

Dogs are more likely to feel comfortable in a boarding facility if they feel like they’re at home. Bringing a blanket that smells like home or an emotional support toy are two great ways to ensure your dog feels more secure. Some facilities may even let you bring a rug or dog bed with you — just ask!

Drop your dog off in the morning.

The earlier you can get to the facility, the better. Giving your dog an entire day to adjust to new surroundings, play with other pups and get familiar with the facility workers will increase the likelihood of a successful first night of sleep because they will be worn out.

Visit your vet.

It is always important to let your vet know when you plan to travel and board your dog, and your vet may even be able to recommend a facility for you to try! Most facilities have a list of dog boarding requirements that will make a visit to the vet a top priority to ensure pet boarding vaccines are up-to-date.

Searching for the right boarding facility?

If you’re looking for the best place in Indianapolis to board your pet while you travel, book them a luxurious stay with Priority Boarding & Daycare! As a veterinarian-owned business, we’ve made it our mission to provide Hoosier pets with the care that common boarding businesses often neglect. When you book with us, we will do everything in our power to make sure your pet returns in your arms as happy as they were when you dropped them off with us!